Friday, January 24, 2014


So right about when I started having a great workflow and the girls
were flowing in like bees on a hot spring day I get the confirmation that
Fuji has stopped production of my beloved FP-3000B black and white
film. I am getting hold of some stock here and there but it won't last for
long. This means that this project might see an earlier end than what I had
expected. Of course I could stick to color (they still make the FP-100C)
which is not bad at all, actually. Or I might just take this as an excuse to
set a more or less definite date to end this thing that's giving me
so much satisfaction and move to the next project. 
We'll see. 
For now, no more black and white instant film.
There is no reason for this. The market IS there and it was growing.
Please join me in a global scream against industrial marketing strategies:


Photographer Michael Ash Smith is petitioning against this decision,
even though it's already happened. If you want to participate, go here:
there's also a facebook page you can like:
I have nothing more to say about this.



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